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Akim of Mangistau region demanded a schedule of daily sending of almost 900 people to the EXPO

27 April

The authorities of Mangistau region plan to send almost 900 residents of the region to the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 to Astana daily. This is reported by the Informburo.kz portal.

"The authorities of Mangistau region took a responsible and serious look on the issue of visiting the forthcoming EXPO 2017 exhibition in Astana, the akimat website says. According to the deputy akim of Mangistau region Rakimbek Amirzhanov, the region takes the sixth place by the number of tickets purchased for the EXPO 2017 in the whole republic", - the material says.

The publication notes that the number of Aktau-Astana-Aktau flights will be increased to the exhibition and a high-speed train will also be launched.

"EXPO is the project of our President, Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev.This is a project that we represent to the whole world and, first of all, our citizens and children should see the scale of the exhibition. Excuses are not accepted. By the end of the week you will prepare information showing who and when leaves the city for the EXPO, I need to know the flight number, the seats of the visitors, how many people there are and when they go. Show me the data about all 19 companies. I ask you to take this seriously. By the end of this week, all tickets must be in the hands of people who will go there", - akim of Mangistau region Eraly Tugzhanov instructed.

Let us remind that the media periodically reported about the forced sale of tickets to the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. The teachers of village schools in the East Kazakhstan region complained about it and one of teachers said that he was told straight ahead: "Whether you go or not, you will buy a ticket". The akimat of the East Kazakhstan region responded to compulsory sale of tickets for the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. As the state institution representatives noted, the residents of the region buy tickets for the upcoming event at their will.

Commenting on this information, JSC NC Astana EXPO-2017 stressed that the facts of the forced sale of tickets for the exhibition are illegal and specified that since the beginning of the year the organizers of EXPO 2017 have registered more than 20 cases, all complaints about this kind of violation can be directed to WhatsApp number +7 702 332 65 21. However, later it turned out that the number in question did not work.

Later, reports of compulsory sale of tickets to the exhibition were received from the Karaganda region where the teachers of the mining town of Saran as well as rural teachers of the Kostanay region addressed the media with the same complaint where akim of one of the districts even was happy at bullying such teachers. The doctors also complain about the compulsion to buy tickets, but the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Yelzhan Birtanov claims that there were no corresponding orders. In addition, it became known from the documents at the disposal of journalists about plans of the akimat of the West Kazakhstan region to send more than 60 thousand people to the EXPO - later these intentions of the authorities of the region were officially confirmed.

Commenting on this information, chairman of the Board of JSC NC Astana Expo-2017 Akhmetzhan Yesimov said that forced sale of tickets for the exhibition is completely unacceptable. Complaints were also commented in the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The deputy chairman of the agency Alik Shpekbayev stated that the obligation to buy tickets for this event is not grounded by anything and asked to report all violations to the same phone number as indicated by the organizers of the exhibition.

Hot debate unfolded even in social networks about ticket sales.

However, according to the media, there are also those who are ready to supply EXPO  tickets for those who need them. For example, a member of the Maslikhat of the South Kazakhstan region Rakhim Tanirbergenov bought 500 tickets for a world-wide specialized exhibition, spending a total of about 2 million tenge.

Astana EXPO 2017 ticket offices are open in all regions of Kazakhstan as well as in seven largest cities of Russia. In addition, the organizers announced the issue of VIP tickets made of felt and also talked about plans for the introduction of season tickets. You can find out how to purchase a ticket to the exhibition by following the link.

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