Americans celebrate US Independence Day at EXPO

4 July

The National Day of the USA at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 coincided with the celebration of Independence Day on July 4. The country presented an exposition on the energy of mutual relations at the exhibition, the "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" newspaper writes.

"Thanks to the energy of relations between the United States and Kazakhstan, the American pavilion has become a reality. As a result, not only political leaders but also the private sector and ordinary people have strengthened their partnership between the United States and Kazakhstan", - said the president and CEO of US pavilion Joshua Walker.

The United States, according to Walker, is extremely interested in maintaining a strong partnership with Kazakhstan.

"I invite all visitors to the exhibition to visit the US pavilion this summer and be inspired by the power of human energy. Remember that the only reason why the US pavilion was opened at EXPO 2017 is the friendship of Astana and Washington. The real foundation of the pavilion is not concrete and the cladding of the building but a lively connection between Kazakhstan and the United States", - Walker shared.

The US Pavilion is located near the service entrance to the exhibition grounds. It covers an area of 1100 square meters and consists of three halls: "Energy Space", "Energy of Life" and "Post-show Zone".

In addition to developments from world-renowned American companies, 8 US start-ups on the theme "Future Energy" are presented at the EXPO 2017 in the US pavilion.

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