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American edition of Forbes has named 5 reasons to visit EXPO in Astana

14 June

The American magazine Forbes advises its readers to make a trip to Astana and gives five reasons why the capital of Kazakhstan should be visited this summer during the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017.

As the edition notes, EXPO exhibition is the first one for Kazakhstan in every sense of the word. It is the first time when such exhibition is organized in the territory of the former Soviet republics. It opens the edge of Central Asia to tourists. According to the authors, in ancient times the lands of Kazakhstan were inhabited by nomads, they were famous for the fact that the route of the Great Silk Road ran through them.

As a second reason, the magazine brings the originality of the Kazakh capital. The publication calls Astana an unusual city. Bright, impressive buildings built by famous architects grew up in the middle of the steppe. Among the attractions are Baiterek, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Akorda, mosques and museums. According to the authors of the material, it is possible to plan an intensive cultural program, including exhibitions, sporting events and performances in Astana,.

Astana was also called a rapidly developing city, with a new infrastructure appearing. In a short time, the capital built an airport and a railway station. Guests can enjoy a break in the best hotels and make purchases in luxury boutiques.

As the authors note, Kazakhstan may be a suitable platform for the concentration of alternative energy sources. The economy of the country depends on traditional energy, especially oil and gas. That is why the development of "green" technologies is in priority for the country.

International exhibitions have always been a place of discovery of new technologies that led humanity to progress. EXPO 2017 is not an exception. Visitors will be able to see projects that have been selected by an expert commission, which included Nobel laureates and experts on climate change. Among the bright exhibits are a solar-powered aircraft and a project on light production with the help of marine microorganisms, the American edition of Forbes noted.

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