Antiterrorist services of Baikonur are preparing for the reception of EXPO guests

2 May

In the administration of Baikonur city was held a meeting of the city Antiterrorist Commission (ATC) and the Operational Headquarters (OSH). This is reported by "Kazinform". The meeting reviewed the planned security measures during the preparation and holding of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 at the facilities of the “Baikonur” complex.

"The exhibition will be held in Astana city from June 10 to September 10. The “Baikonur” complex is included in the list of facilities planned for official delegations and tourists. The arrival of about 2000 visitors is expected, who will visit memorable places and sights of the city, the facilities of the cosmodrome, as well as the memorial complex "Korkyt Ata,” said the head of the city administration Anatoly Petrenko.

The Commission decided to establish an interagency monitoring group that would respond effectively to terrorist and security threats during visits by official delegations and tourists to the “Baikonur” complex.

"The group will solve the tasks of gathering information about the planned visits by the guests of the facilities of “Baikonur” complex. IMG members will keep a record of the location, routes, and the time of visits by the tourists to the “Baikonur” complex.The responsible persons were instructed to complete the work on bringing the antiterrorist protection of the subordinated facilities (places) in compliance with the requirements of the law," report says.

It was also decided to conduct anti-terrorist training with personnel at the infrastructure and life support facilities of the city.

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