Austria introduce EXPO guests to their pavilion in a play form

23 June

Austria presented its exposition at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 in the form of a playground. Visitors to the pavilion can participate in the energy production, "Kazakh TV" channel reports.

The concept of one of the most creative pavilions at EXPO 2017 was developed by a team of architects from Austria. Guests can twist the pedals of a bicycle, train on the simulators in order to contribute to the development of alternative energy sources. All this is conceived in order to reflect the main idea of the pavilion - "The energy of the future is within human".

"The goal of our pavilion is to present the energy theme in a game form. We are oriented towards the family audience but at the same time we offer an economic program through which we can build new economic relationships and strengthen existing ties with Kazakhstan", - said the Commissioner of National pavilion of Austria Richard Shenz.

Almost 80% of electricity in Austria is produced from renewable energy sources. This state is included in the top 10 countries of the world in energy efficiency and waste processing.

"Three Austrian projects have been selected for the EXPO 2017 pavilion: the solar technologies, the tidal power in hydroelectric power and solar-powered rickshaws. We are proud of our achievements in the field of green energy", - Minister of Science, Research and Economics of Austria Bernadette Girlinger shared.

It should be noted that along with the latest technological achievements Austria acquaints visitors with the culture of their country. The entertainment program includes a performance by the boys choir from the ancient Austrian monastery as well as a party from the Red Bull company.

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