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Chinese citizens attending EXPO 2017 for free will be serviced in Astana at the expense of Kazakhstan - blogger

24 April

A Kazakhstani Anuar Kurmanov said in his account on Yvision.kz blog platofrm  that in order to service 350 thousand Chinese citizens, who will attend world specialised exhibition Astana Expo 2017 for free, authorities have allocated funds from the budget.

”The fact that Kazakhstani citizens are second-class people in their own country was known for a long time, but the colonial nature was demonstrated once again when the government allocated millions of tenge to service 350,000 Chinese tourists who will visit EXPO 2017 for free in Astana. Let us remind, that according to the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to China Shakhrat Nuryshev, tourists of the Celestial Empire who will use the services of the national air carrier will get to EXPO 2017 for free. The information was passed specifically for the correspondent of “Kazinform” in China. All that is necessary, to exchange the ticket of  “Air Astana” company for the ticket of the exhibition,” writes the blogger.

The author even brought a quote of Nuryshev, where the diplomat talks about plans for the Year of China’s Tourism in Kazakhstan.

"More than 60 tourist companies of Kazakhstan got the right to host Chinese tourist groups. They are currently recruiting staff with knowledge of the Chinese language in the framework of the "China Friendly” program, which involves the training of hotel managers, tour guides, salesmen, waiters, drivers and maintenance personnel with knowledge of Chinese language”, the Ambassador said.

According to Kurmanov to service these free Chinese tourists, the state allocates an order for 10 hotels in Astana.

"In this regard, even a tender has been announced, which is posted on the public procurement portal.It turns out that the government is forcing public sector workers to buy tickets for participation in EXPO-2017, and Chinese citizens in the amount of 350 thousand people will visit this exhibition for free, and for their servicing the state will spend millions from the budget of Kazakhstan.What is the benefit for the Kazakhstani side then? That the real owners of Kazakhstan from the Celestial Empire will visit the exhibition for free and yet will be able to parade at our state expense!” - the blogger outraged.

The author has attached to his post a technical specification for service providers that contains requirements for functional, technical, quality, personnel, operational characteristics and reporting.

The bewilderment of the blogger was supported by some commentators.

"But they offer us to go to Astana at our own expense, rent a hotel room, buy a ticket, etc. Thank you for caring about citizens! Better tell us right away about the end of our state, and preferably the ending date. With that kind of attitude and at this pace, soon it will be one of the Chinese provinces. The concern about its own citizens is minimal," the NiceTwice user wrote.

It should be reminded that Expo2017.com website has already told about five reasons why the forthcoming Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition is of interest to the Chinese. Among the main reasons - the upcoming concert of Dimash Kudaibergen, after whose participation in "I'm a singer" contest, China was swept by a real "Dimashemania". The director of the Industry and Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Igali promised that a popular singer would definitely take part in the exhibition.In addition to the concert itself, it is expected that an animation studio from Beijing will show an animation film about Dimash Kudaibergen at EXPO 2017. Earlier, about the concert of the singer at the exhibition, in the interview to the Chinese TV channel told the Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly.

It is also expected that within the framework of Astana EXPO 2017 an exhibition of the legendary Terracotta Army will take place.

The pavilion of China itself will be fully completed by the end of May and will be one of the largest expositions of the exhibition. The main focus this country intends to make on the achievements with which it is possible to receive electricity and nuclear energy from the water. The largest at EXPO 2017 is also expected to be a delegation from China. Xinjiang Week, along with the “Year of China’s Tourism in Kazakhstan” and the National Day of China in Astana will be held at the Chinese pavilion of the exhibition.

Among the honoured guests of the exhibition will be the President of China Xi Jinping.

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