Biomobile on solar batteries and eco-capsule have been presented at EXPO by Uzbekistan

13 June

Visitors to the pavilion of Uzbekistan at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 will be shown to a bio-car that works on solar batteries. Full charge is enough for 700 km, the Uzbek news portal writes.

Uzbekistan presented its latest achievements in the field of light industry, aircraft construction in the pavilion. Particular attention of visitors was attracted by an autonomous residential ecocapsule on a solar battery. Its weight is 300 kilograms. The cost is about 2000 US dollars.

According to the developers, the capsule can be called the technology of the future. It can be used in remote places where there is no infrastructure. For example, at scientific stations or in the boundless steppes.

The autonomous capsule is designed for one person. It has cooling, heating, fire extinguishing systems. In addition, the invention allows you to watch TV, listen to music and read.

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