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The blogger reported on malfunctioning mobile apps from advertising EXPO pointers

22 May

Mobile applications of advertising pointers for Astana EXPO 2017 world specialized exhibition have not yet been launched. Blogger Yerlan Sakenov wrote about this on Yvision.kz website in the article "Haste makes waste or how we are preparing to meet EXPO 2017 tourists".

"The other day in the "Astana - What? Where? When?" group I posted a photo of the roll up which already meets EXPO 2017 tourists in hotels, cafes, restaurants and other similar institutions. The idea of the post was to show the fact that there is no Kazakh language, the telephones do not work. I have not downloaded the applications yet. Today, someone shared a screenshot of Whatsapp chat where the owners of the institutions are told to remove these materials. The screenshot on the right", - the blogger noted.

According to Sakenov, to the people of the regions, civil servants will come to the exhibition, so applications in the Kazakh language is undoubtedly required.

"The mobile applications do not work, the taxi number does not work, I could not get through, and the call center is not easy to access using your cell phone.This is a strange approach! It is rumored that some institutions are very eager to be in the tourist recommendations guide that they are ready to pay for it. Some confident businessmen and businesswomen do not want this, they do not want to see their institution in this guide, as they are not ready for such "attention" and long and unnecessary processes that distract from the business itself. I partially agree with them, I would recommend some places even without a guide which I do not know who it is kept by and how the place were selected", - said Sakenov.

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