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Brazil did not find the funds to open its pavilion at EXPO

15 June

Brazil was unable to open its national pavilion on the territory of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. This is written by the Kazakh newspaper “Express K” in its material "Samba of the white moth”.

“A video with a buxom girl, gracefully dancing, according to commentators, near the Brazilian pavilion at EXPO 2017, was distributed in social network. Then the information began to appear that the girl was local. That she was allegedly hired to lure visitors in, by Brazilians, who were so amazed by her gorgeous figure. They were not mistaken. The video of her dance just blew up Kaznet: "This is pure energy!" - users write excitedly,”  the edition notes.

The journalists decided to find out who the heroine of the video was.

"The girl turned out to be a little-known model from Latin America, her name is Lincha Chica. Alas, the video was recorded at one of the auto shows in Europe, not in Astana. Moreover, Brazil did not find the funds to open its pavilion at EXPO 2017. Although, as we were informed at the embassy of this country, there were really serious plans for participation in the exhibition,” report says.

But the video, the newspaper notes, helped to understand something else.

"If any of the countries wants to draw special attention to its pavilion, it only needs to find a girl with outstanding forms. By the way, a resident of Astana, Tomiris Abylaykhan, can compete in sexuality even with Kim Kardashian, “ the authors of the article summarize.

Let us remind, in early April, the Brazilian media claimed that Brazil at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 will be represented by the largest energy companies of the country. In particular, the "Itaipu Binacional” company, the operator of one of the world's largest hydropower stations, which is located on the Paraná river on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, was supposed to tell about the ways of protecting the ecology in the hydropower industry.

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