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The apartment rents in Astana have been raised on the instructions of the EXPO organizers - Facebook user

18 May

Facebook user Teimur Muslim named the reason for the sharp increase in the cost of apartments renting in the capital of Kazakhstan. A resident of Astana claims that rental prices were raised at the direction of the organizers of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017.

"Remember recently there was an outraged post about raising prices for apartments on the left bank of Astana during EXPO 2017. Well, now I know who is responsible. I learned today that the two-room apartments, which we rented earlier for 205,000 tenge a month in EXPO-town HC (the managing company of Diplomat hotel), have raised in prices at the direction of EXPO and the same apartments began to cost 682 500 tenge per month.

All apartments are already full (42 buildings in this HC). Here's to you a cosmic profit. The machinations of the century. Now you also understand why all the people in Astana started pumping their apartments. P.S. I was amused by the news that after EXPO they want to give away these HCs for the "House of Students". Isn’t it too much to settle students into the apartments of 700 thousand tenge, dear deputies??? I was there and it is really a business class accomodation," wrote the author.

Users in the comments admitted that they were ashamed of such prices before foreigners.

“The host country pays a large number of foreigners, that is, Kazakhstan, and a part EXPO pays,” noted a resident of Astana, Adilbek Imazhanov.

“That’s what I’m saying, our companies and embassies pay both an inadequate price," the author of the post wrote in response.

"These apartments are planned only for residents of Astana, they will probably distribute them through the KMK (Kazakhstan Mortgage Company)," suggested the user Meiram Sadvakassov.

It should be reminded, Astana is preparing to receive 2 million visitors to the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in the summer. The bed capacity of 32 thousand is needed for their accomodation. According to “Astana Convention Bureau” LLC, there are more than 170 hotels in the capital of Kazakhstan, in which, in total, about 12, 5 thousand beds.

Let us note that on the threshold of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana, not only apartment rents have risen sharply - food have also risen in price. Economists directly link it to the forthcoming exhibition.

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