What surprises are prepared for visitors to China pavilion at EXPO

28 June

China demonstrates "Fireball" to its guests at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. All sources of energy are concentrated in it, the information portal reports.

The Chinese Pavilion is one of the largest in the international exhibition. Its main theme is "Future Energy: Green Silk Road". The exposition tells about the past, present and future development of Chinese energy. The Chinese show how ships could travel long distances at high speed with the help of the wind on the example of a ship.

"Future Energy" is in the center of attention and is the highlight of China's pavilion allowing to demonstrate the country's approaches and reflect the more effective use of traditional energy and the development of renewable energy sources in the future. This is an important element for solving the energy crisis and promoting sustainable development. The "Green Silk Road" embodies the China-led initiative on the Belt and the Way which represents the history and goals of sustainable development in relation to trade, culture and economic exchange between China and countries along the Belt and the Way", - said co-worker So I Min.

The Chinese Pavilion is divided into several sections: "Wisdom and Practice of China", "Energy Dream Theater", "Global Mission and Cooperation" and "Exit and Reception Area." Their design uses interactive 3D technologies that allow you to visually see the history of energy development and present variants of futuristic models of energy solutions. The exhibits include a large hanging fiery ball where all kinds of renewable energy sources are concentrated.

"EXPO is an excellent platform for China and other countries of the world to introduce new methods for using, protecting and developing energy", - So I Min said.

The website has already mentioned five reasons why the forthcoming Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition is of interest to the Chinese people. The main reasons include the upcoming concert of Dimash Kudaibergen who plunged China in a real "Dimashemania after his participation in the "I'm a singer" contest.

In addition, China issued memorable banknotes in honor of EXPO 2017. Special bank notes were issued for the first time in the history of the international exhibition movement.

The PRC received two pavilions at the EXPO exhibition. China is going to focus on the achievements enabling to receive electricity and nuclear energy from water. Green cars of Chinese production will be demonstrated at the exhibition. In general, China is going to tell EXPO about the history of energy development.

"Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuandi" exhibition is held in Astana as part of China's participation in the EXPO. About 50 archeological items brought from the People's Republic of China are exhibited in the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

The festival of Chinese cinema with the participation of the legendary actor of militants Jackie Chan already took place within the framework of China's participation in the EXPO in Astana. He took part in the opening ceremony of the festival. The actor came to Astana to present his new film "Kung Fu Yoga". Jackie Chan was greeted in Kazakhstan with great delight. He even managed to take part in the traditional Kazakh ritual of child's first steps called "tsuau kesu".

International Radio of China will provide information support to the EXPO and the "Xinhua" agency even released a small video about the love of the Chinese young man and Kazakh lady on the eve of the exhibition. The video is based on the story told by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping about the events that occurred in the 60s of last century.

Due to the increased interest of Chinese citizens to the exhibition, the diplomats of Kazakhstan and China have already switched to an advanced schedule of work.

According to the results of the first week of EXPO 2017, the exhibition in Astana has been already visited by about 33 thousand Chinese citizens.

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