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"What has changed in Astana for EXPO" - the facade of one of the houses was covered with a banner with painted tiles

24 May

The next funny case connected with the preparation of the capital of Kazakhstan for the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 became the subject of discussion among internet users. The active discussion unfolded under the video "What has changed in Astana for EXPO " in the Instagram account of astana.day.

"Two-storey houses on Pobeda avenue are demolished. There used to be someone's house here. This five-storey building near the railway station will be gone soon too", - the authors captioned the photographs showing old architecture replaced by fresh images.

The mockery of the users was caused with an image of the facade of one of the houses where repairs were carried out. At least it seems so at first glance.

"Here is the new tile", -  the authors signed a frame with a picture of the facing tile which when touched turned out to be a picture on a vinyl banner. "It seemed so...".

The video shows workers resting at the amphitheater which is being "finished" on the Ishim river bank.

"Here is a new hotel with a giant yurt. The houses are being prepared for painting", - the last footage of the video was captioned.

"The brand new tile is super", - wrote lvm_t in the comments to the video.

"Cool new tiles. Could you tell me where do they print this? I want to have one in my country house", the user kyznecova480 asked.

"What is the point of the demolishment! They only leave trash behind, the trees are broken. The rubbish is left after the workers. They paved a road with huge stones. Both children and adults fall down. Pobeda ave., 26A. They did not remove the foundations. They did not collect the garbage. We live like in a trash yard", - complained the user gulzada55530.

However, there are those who are happy with the changes.

"Thanks God, nothing will be left from the old, sluggish Tselinograd. Theree will be new Astana!" - said the commentator under the nickname s2410losk.

It should be reminded that within the program of demolishing shabby houses, the house of Nesipkul Uyabayeva located near the territory of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 was demolished earlier in Astana. Even the portraits of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev the woman used to cover her house didn't save it from bulldozers.

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