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What should you know when visiting EXPO

15 June

It is better to start the excursion to the pavilions of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. You cannot visit the territory for a few hours, the information portal writes.

Those wishing to come to the exhibition should stop their choice on the most comfortable shoes from the wardrobe. Shoes with high heels will not allow you to view the entire territory of the exhibition in one day.

It is better to take warm clothes from the house: a jacket, a pullover, a cardigan or even a jacket. By evening, the air temperature can drop to 10 degrees Celsius.

Spending precious time on charging the phone is not worth it so all electronic gadgets should be charged to the maximum level. If you have portable chargers, then it's better to take them with you to the exhibition grounds.

Visitors who plan to come to the exhibition with children can rent a stroller for convenience. The cost is 500 tenge per hour. If you are going to come with children under 5 years old, you should be aware that they may be afraid of dark vacuum halls during video presentations. You will have to leave the hall without getting acquainted with the pavilion until the end.

In addition, it is possible to allocate time for viewing the bright concert programs on the boulevard. Creative teams will acquaint you with the culture and life of peoples from different countries.

Some of the halls on the territory of the exhibition are not yet open to visitors or works are in a test mode. You may wait and come in a few weeks to see a full-scale excursion to the exhibition site.

In order to remember the bright details of the excursion and share them with your friends, guests can mark the halls visited and write comments about them.

Come to the exhibition with a full charge of energy and a desire to replenish your knowledge about sustainable development. This large-scale event, the publication notes, will expand your horizons regarding alternative sources and, possibly, will affect your attitude to energy in everyday life.

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