What awaits EXPO visitors in the pavilion of Egypt

6 July

Guests of the Egyptian pavilion at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 are introduced to the history of the ancient country. The exposition stretches over an area of 350 square meters, the "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" newspaper writes.

"With the help of interactive screens visitors are presented with different eras of the modernity of Egypt. The main element of the pavilion is a pyramid symbolizing the four directions of the world, four elements that simultaneously serve as sources of renewable energy (water, wind, earth, sun). Each side of the pyramid depicts an Egyptian God - representative of corresponding element. On the top of the burning pyramid there is the fifth element - the energy of a man", - the Commissioner of the national section of Egypt Ahmed Taha Boraie said.

In the pavilion the guests are invited to look at the map of Egypt with the information about in which region which type of energy is planned to be developed until 2022. Currently, the main emphasis in the country is on the development of wind power along the Gulf of Suez. Hydropower is used on the Nile River, and solar - in the Sahara Desert.

In addition, the history of the appearance of papyrus is revealed to the visitors and they are told about beach recreation. During the celebration of the National Day of Egypt, two tours to Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh were played among the guests of the exhibition.

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