What Turkey has prepared in its pavilion for EXPO visitors

28 June

The Turkish pavilion has become one of the largest at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Its area was about 1000 square meters, the "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" newspaper writes.

The guests can enter the Turkish pavilion through a glass luminous passage. It symbolizes the energy corridor and transfers visitors to a fantastic future. The pavilion is decorated with stones and minerals of various breeds mined in Turkey. The country presented its innovative technologies at the exhibition including a heat insulating sunshade which protects from cold, negative effects of sunlight, external noise, prevents the loss of internal heat and allows even distribution of sunlight.

Currently, Turkey is developing technologies using renewable energy sources such as water, wind, sun, geothermal energy and biofuel. Geothermal energy is developing intensively in the country at the expense of underground sources. This makes it possible not to use imported gas when heating houses and buildings.

Turkey chose sunflower as the talisman of its pavilion. The name of the plant in Latin means "sun flower". The organizers of the exposition decided in this way to remind the world that the world is full of positive energy and people should strive for the future with a smile on their facec.

It should be noted that the presentation of the Turkish pavilion took place shortly before the start of the world specialized exhibition. Turkey participates in EXPO for the 34th time.

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