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Cirque du Soleil to show a performance in Kazakh national style at the EXPO

31 May

The program of performances of the famous Cirque du Soleil is prepared exclusively for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 and a unique show Reflekt will be available only in Kazakhstan. This is reported by Informburo.kz.

"Spectacular acrobatic act with jumps on the trampoline that creates the effect of performers walking on the walls is only a part of a big show program with a total duration of 70 minutes. Organizers promise to surprise the audience literally every minutes of the show. However, there will be 7 minutes which should be a real surprise for the publicity. Cirque du Soleil for the first time in its program will present an act with elements of Kazakh culture: national ornaments in costumes, national choreography in dance and national instrument in soundtracks", - the newspaper writes.

As the Reflekt project manager, Bernard Poirier said, this act was developed by a special order of the Kazakh side.

"We faced the task of uniting our circus culture with your national culture. We hope that the audience will be able to see Kazakh culture through the prism of our performance. For this show we used music performed on dombra prepared by a Canadian composer", - Poirier shared.

The authors laid the basis for the act from the history of nomadic culture. 38 people with 17 of them performing unique tricks with fire were involved in the demonstration. The main role is played by Jonathan Maureen - he will play the archaeologist Alikhan trying to learn Kazakh culture. According to the organizers of the show, the role is based on the image of the "Golden Man".

"As a guide, my task is to lead the audience from the past to the future", - the actor said.

Special decorations have been prepared for this show.

"The way from the past to the future is represented by two exits on the stage: the left side is an extensive panorama of a futuristic city while the right side is an open space where light installations represent the energy of the Sun. According to representatives of Cirque du Soleil, the Reflekt show program can be seen only in Kazakhstan", - the authors of the material note.

Let us remind that the famous Cirque du Soleil in the framework of the world specialized exhibition in Astana will present an exclusive show designed specifically for the EXPO 2017. It became known in mid-March. The Canadian circus will work for three months, almost every day, and plans to show 71 performances. Tickets are already on sale.

At the beginning of May the chairman of the board of Astana Expo-2017 JSC, Akhmetzhan Yesimov, at a meeting in the government devoted to the cultural and entertainment program of EXPO 2017, explained why it was decided to invite the legendary Canadian Cirque du Soleil to a world specialized exhibition. In Yesimov's opinion, performances of the famous circus should cover the costs of their organization.

It should be noted that tickets to the show of the Canadian Cirque du Soleil do not give the right to enter the EXPO 2017 exhibition itself. You can get to the show only by purchasing a ticket to the exhibition.

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