Only a Few Days Left Until the beginning of EXPO 2017 - photo-report

26 May

Only a few days left until the beginning of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. The event will start on June 10, while in the capital of Kazakhstan the preparations for the exhibition have reached the home stretch, but much remains to be done. website offers its resource readers a photo essay - it is a clear illustration of what is happening at the exhibition centre right now.

The main activities have taken place on the territory of the exhibition, but works are also being carried out on the adjacent territories of the city. For instance, along Kabanbay batyr street, the construction of a new sidewalk and a bicycle path is under way, which is expected to be completed for the exhibition. Nearby is a light rail, that will take place in the future, but it is already known that this will happen sometime after the EXPO:

The construction of the EXPO-town is almost complete. The authorities plan that after the exhibition the students will live in these houses, but Astana residents have already started complaining about the high rental cost of the apartments.

The construction of the new Congress Centre is also at the final stage.

Most of the work on the site is already over.

The works on the organization of access roads are in full swing - the infrastructure is not yet fully prepared.

The work on landscaping and gardening is almost complete.

Somewhere, everything is absolutely ready to receive guests and you can see idly strolling people there.

In these areas of the exhibition complex, absolutely everything breathes the EXPO theme.

And somewhere there the heavy machinery is working…

And the last preparations are under way.

All countries have already received their pavilions.

Of the fully operational facilities that are open for visiting, can be named the "Mega Silk Way” Shopping and Entertainment Centre, next to which it seems that the national pavilion of Kazakhstan "Nur Alem" is already completed and ready for the event.

But if you come a little bit closer, it turns out that the works go on in full swing here. And, as at the base of the pavilion …

So on its very top:

The world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 will last 90 days and end on September 10. The theme of the exhibition is "Energy of the Future”.

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