Residential buildings of Astana on the idea of Nazarbayev are being repainted in bright colours on the threshold of EXPO

18 May

The facades of residential buildings in Astana began to repaint in bright colours. This decision was made following the order of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, information portal reports. Earlier, during the meeting on preparation for the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017, as well as the development of Astana, the Kazakh leader named the most suitable colours for the facades of buildings.

"If we receive the guests, we have to “wash our necks”, preferably. Look at the facades of some of the buildings. Right under the nose of the President, all these tiles have fallen out, and no one cares.The summer has already come, but they are broken and shabby. The owners of these institutions and buildings are not engaged in putting things in order, because no one even asks. I constantly say to all akims - we have a long winter. In the winter there is no greenery in the city. Only the cheerful facades of the buildings adorn the capital, the city. The colour paint was invented a long time ago. I think blue, yellow and white are very suitable colours for our city. Someone must constantly do this," Nazarbayev said.

According to akim of Saryarka district Arman Turlybek, before the painting the employees of the Akimat hold meetings with the residents of the buildings.

"We are conducting a survey of residents so they can direct and tell us what colours they like or vice versa if they ask to leave it in the same colour scheme as it was before. Now the program of our district is to paint about 32 facades of the houses. For instance, for the three nine-storey buildings of ‘Samal" micro-district the residents have expressed a desire to leave their own coloristic, but they just match with the right colours.Works are carried out at the expense of the district budget," Turlybek noted.

In total, 127 million tenge is provided for painting buildings in Saryarka district.

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