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EXPO kids - what the exhibition organizers have prepared for children

26 June

It is impossible to visit more than 100 pavilions presented at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 for one day. Visitors with children can plan their route in advance, Informburo.kz writes.

The national pavilion of Kazakhstan is particularly popular among the guests of EXPO 2017. There are eight floors and every child will find what to do. You can work the pedals of a bicycle, build a dam or feel the power of the wind. In addition to the main pavilion, Kazakhstan has one more - thematic. It presents unusual inventions, for example, such as a bicycle-washing machine or a refrigerator pot.

At the entrance to the Finnish pavilion the young guests are met by a real Santa. He greets the children, finds out a New Year's wish and poses for a photo. In the pavilion of Austria the laws of physics are shown in the most accessible way. It is a huge playground with a lot of attractions.

The German pavilion can also attract children. They will have to charge an electronic key, passing from one location to another, and then watch a spectacular five-minute beautiful movie that takes viewers to the center of the universe.

On weekends, every 2 hours there is a show of crazy scientists in the pavilion of the Shell company. Children are offered to create a planet and give it their names. Here you can start the plane, play basketball or football.

For those who want to have a snack or lunch, there are a lot of street stalls with sandwiches and hot dogs at the territory of the exhibition. On the second floor of the commercial pavilion you can find a food court with several types of kitchens at a reasonable price. On the third floor of the pavilion of Latin America there is a buffet offered for 1500 tenge.

After lunch, you can go to the center of modern art. The classes are held here every day from 13:00 to 17:00, children mold from plasticine and create a rebus-collage.

Visitors with children can find a lot of entertainment in the EXPO kids park. There are animators, who also monitor young guests' safety. The creators of the site did their best to arrange fun for both preschoolers and teenagers. In addition to small slides and swings, there is a huge structure, reminiscent of a panda park. One of the favorite children's locations at EXPO is a workshop for creating toys from balloons. Children learn to create various animals, swords and all kinds of flowers.

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