EXPO may coincide with the locust plague to Astana from the south of Kazakhstan

23 May

The locust invasion observed in Astana in 1999 can be repeated during the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. At that time insects were able to cover the distance of 500 kilometers per day, writes portal

The invasion of insects in 1999 became the main reason for the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture Zhanibek Karibzhanov. History, experts say, can happen again. This year the residents of Saryagash, Shardarinsk, Arys districts of the South Kazakhstan region suffer from locust.

"Locust destroys plantations. Last year our member of Parliament Amangeldy Sopbekov sounded the alarm saying the need of insect control. However, then the authorities of the region criticized him at the meeting saying:.. You do not need to sow panic, there is no threat from locust. How many farmers lost their harvest. How many farmers were unable to cover their current debts to banks, the situation is even worse now! The summer of 2016 was rainy and caused a rapid growth of plants which allowed the locusts to reproduce exponentially . And now locusts occupied not only the fields but the settlements as well", - said residents of Shardarinsk district.

The residents of Shardarinsk fear that the locust can invade the plantation in the coming weeks from the Bozai rural district of Saryagash as well as the Arys district.

"Now locusts are 3-4 times more than in past years. As insects larvae come to life back again, today much more money will have to be spent on fighting insects than in 2016. The air has not warmed up yet but when the summer heat comes, the locust plague will begin", - the experts are warning.

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