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Forbes created its own guide to the EXPO

28 June

Expositions of Kazakhstan, Germany, Great Britain, Israel and Monaco were included in the top 5 impressive pavilions of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, according to the authoritative magazine Forbes. The edition published a guide for the guests of the exhibition.

As the magazine writes, guests can use the ticket to get to the territory of the exhibition complex only once. You have to buy an additional ticket to enter the exhibition for another time. Those wishing to enter the EXPO site unhindered for the whole three months can purchase a special subscription for 50 thousand tenge. Tickets for a preferential category of persons are sold only at the checkout next to the exhibition.

You can get to the exhibition center by Shuttle bus which stops in places of large crowds and takes them to the territory of EXPO. In addition, services are provided by city buses. They approach it from four sides: the avenues of Uly Dala, Mangilik Yel, Kabanbai Batyr and the streets of Turar Ryskulov.

It is recommended to come in comfortable shoes and practical clothes to the exhibition. Do not bring heavy bags with you. You can leave your luggage in the storage cells located at each entrance to the exhibition.

First of all, as the newspaper notes, guests should visit the pavilions of Kazakhstan, Germany, Great Britain, Israel and Monaco. In addition, the Russian exposition is especially popular offering visitors a glimpse of a real block of ice from the Arctic. Switzerland invites guests to try a national dish - reshti and lie down to see the presentation. You can feel the strength of the wind in different regions on the site of Azerbaijan.

According to the magazine, children aged 3 years will be very interested in the exhibition. They can see an educational and entertaining show in the pavilion of the company "Shell" or reduce to a master class in the Art Center. The pavilion of international organizations features a sandbox with kinetic sand which teaches children the basics of topography in a playful form.

The territory of EXPO houses both expensive restaurants and kiosks with hot dogs. Several restaurants are located in national pavilions and two sides from Nur-Alem pavillion and food courts on the second floors.

Eating in the territory of EXPO is possible both in restaurants and indoor food courts. The average bill in restaurants will be about 7,500 tenge per person and 2,000 tenge in kiosks on the street or in food courts.

Those who wish can perform prayer at the EXPO in the pavilion of Saudi Arabia. You can turn to special points located at the entrances and in commercial pavilions for medical care, Forbes notes.

Let us remind that website has already published lifehacks about what you need to know when visiting EXPO as well as about how much it costs to have lunch at the exhibition and where you can have a snack for free when visiting the exhibition complex. In addition, the website offers an article about the most effective lifehacks for visitors to the exhibition.

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