France presented experimental thermonuclear reactor project ITER at the EXPO

21 June

The project of the experimental thermonuclear reactor ITER is presented in the pavilion of France at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. As the television channel "Khabar 24" reported, the construction of the mega-installation will begin in 2025 and in case of success people will receive a truly inexhaustible source of energy that can completely replace traditional energy sources.

"This will be the first large-scale attempt to use a thermonuclear reaction of the Sun energy. The complexity of the project is comparable to the large hadronic collider. The installation of the reactor includes more than ten million constructive elements. For example, in order to produce the amount of energy that we get from the use of 10,000 tons of coal, we need only 775 grams of deuterium - the isotope of hydrogen", - said the general commissioner of the pavilion of France at the EXPO Pascal Loro.

Let us remind the team of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor confirmed participation in Astana EXPO 2017 in mid-March.

In addition to ITER and existing projects, France presents 8 startups at the exhibition in Astana. All of them are included in the top 100 projects to be demonstrated at EXPO 2017.

The concept of the French exposition was told by Pascal Loro, General Commissioner of the French pavilion at EXPO in an exclusive interview with

It should be noted that ITER is not the only thermonuclear reactor project that can be seen at the exhibition. The pavilion of JSC NAC Kazatomprom  presents Kazakhstani material science thermonuclear reactor Tokamak. It is an experimental thermonuclear installation for research and testing of materials under conditions of energy loads similar to ITER.The device allows obtaining high-temperature plasma.

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