The Head of EXPO 2017 commented on the negative events that took place in preparation for the exhibition

30 May

Akhmetzhan Yessimov, the Chairman of the board of JSC “NC” “Astana Expo 2017” responded to the question from journalists about negative developments that had occurred during the preparation for the world specialized exhibition. The response of the Head of the national company to the media is quoted by the press service of the organizer of EXPO 2017.

“After a series of negative events, the image of EXPO has fallen significantly. For instance, the emergency situation on the construction site and various videos from the sites. What has been done and being done to raise it again? “ the journalists asked.

According to Yessimov, "it is clear that from the very beginning, after the corruption scandal, the image of the exhibition has been severely damaged.”

"When I came to this position there was 80 % of the negativity in the social networks. We have now managed to reduce it significantly. However, this is what remains in the minds of many - a negative attitude is still present today. Recently, the driver brought construction materials and, without knowing why, he shot a video on his mobile phone, that building materials are allegedly being buried. He had no idea what kind of building materials, where they were used and that it will be a road, and under the road these materials are placed in order to insulate the premise that was under it. We found him, to first of all, tell him what it is being done for. He realized this and apologized. There were a lot of such moments over the year and a half,” the Head of the organizer of the exhibition said.

He shared that he started working in leading positions in the civil service even before Kazakhstan gained its independence, and admitted that he had seen a lot of criticism.

"But to have so much criticism for these a year and a half, of course, this has never happened in my life. I treat everything very calmly. Although, of course, there is not much pleasant, there is nothing nice to say. But, you have to draw the right conclusions when there is the right criticism. That is why, I believe that we managed to reverse the situation, first of all, by the fact that if we are talking about this stage, which is over now, the issue of construction, for instance. Without thinking about it, but this project turned out to be anti-crisis,” Yessimov stressed

 and also cited, as an example, the volumes of orders to Kazakhstan enterprises and the number of jobs created.

All this, according to the Chairman of the board of JSC "NC" “Astana EXPO 2017”  had a positive effect during the economic crisis.

"On the other hand, a lot of work has been done from scratch on PR progress. Probably, no, not probably, we are definitely calculating it now. Thanks to EXPO we are promoting Kazakhstan abroad, because we held a number of events for this. We carried out both EXPO caravans and road shows. Overall we covered more than 1 billion people in the world with information about EXPO. It goes without saying that the work was also carried out inside the country. Every day our TV channels covered the EXPO theme. All this gave positive results, and as I said, we managed to significantly reduce the negativity," concluded the Head of EXPO 2017.

Let us remind, earlier during the interview Akhmetzhan Yessimov told to journalists about the amount of saved funds during the construction of the exhibition facilities. To date, it is about one billion US dollars.

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