Head of EXPO 2017 reported a threefold increase in the number of foreign tourists in Astana

27 June

The Chairman of the board of JSC "NC" "Astana Expo 2017" Akhmetzhan Yessimov, speaking in the Congress Centre on the territory of the world specialized exhibition, reported about a three-fold increase in the number of foreign tourists in Astana. This is reported by information portal.

"The "Nur Alem" sphere attracts with its unique architecture and internal content. Only over the last few days it was visited by more than 150 thousand people. In total, EXPO was visited by 400 thousand people.The exhibition was of interest in many countries, so the tickets were purchased by citizens of 55 countries. We are seeing an influx of tourists. Since the beginning of June, 140 thousand foreign guests arrived to Astana airport, which is three times more than in the corresponding period of the previous year," the Head of the organizer of the exhibition said.

He noted that the volunteers of EXPO 2017 are representatives of 46 countries.

"A lot of work has been carried out on the international promotion, the current day's coverage has exceeded 1.5 billion people. Until the end of the exhibition the coverage will reach 2.5 billion people," the Chairman of the board of JSC "NC" "Astana EXPO 2017" noted.

According to Yessimov, information about the exhibition is located in the largest international airports with a total of over 250 million people per month. Strategic collaboration with Google is being implemented.

Let us remind, earlier, the Head of JSC "NC" "Astana Expo 2017" Akhmetzhan Yessimov reported that over 300 thousand people had visited EXPO more than two million times in two weeks. Let us note that in the first week of the exhibition, EXPO was visited more than a million times. Of these, 26 thousand are foreign visitors.

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