The Netherlands will take part in EXPO under the motto "Compact country: limitless energy"

12 May

Details on the concept of the pavilion of the Netherlands at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 have been announced. Details of the Dutch participation were revealed by the Kazakhstan information portal

"Compact country, limitless energy" is a slogan chosen by the organizers of the Dutch pavilion at the specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana. The Dutch are planning not only to bring new developments in the energy sector to the capital of Kazakhstan but also to launch their innovation competition", - the publication writes.

The portal cites the organizers of the Dutch pavilion who explain the reasons for choosing their concept.

"The Netherlands is constantly fighting for territory against the sea throughout its history. The location of the country below sea level and the struggle with water that has lasted for centuries has shaped the so-called "Dutch thinking" - openness, curiosity and purposefulness. The Netherlands pavilion at EXPO 2017 invites all visitors to get acquainted with this way of thinking. Come and enter our creative laboratory and find out how we together can make the world safer, healthier and greener", - the organizers say.

Part of the exhibition will be occupied by the "Hall of Fame of Thinking" where a stage reflecting the birth and flowering of Dutch thinking will be set up.

"With the help of visual images developers promise to show the greatest achievements of thinking both in energy problems and in a broader cultural sense. The holographic show which is a combination of projection, video cards, hologram technology and sound effects, will tell visitors the history of the country, show the images of advanced creativity and Dutch innovation. During this visual presentation, the guests will be accompanied by a holographic dancer in cooperation with various projections", - the publication writes.

According to the media, the team of Dutch and Kazakh innovators, experts, artists, students and designers is working together to solve the environmental and energy problems of Kazakhstan.

"The results of this joint creative process will be shown in the post-show of the Netherlands pavilion at the Dutch Innovation Contest. The post-show will also contain more detailed information on various innovations in the field of agriculture, environment, green energy and mobility on-line", - the portal notes.

In addition, the organizers decided to install a "high energy bar" inside the pavilion and a souvenir shop.

"In our story we intend to give visitors an opportunity to get to know the thinking that forms the energy of the future. As we all know, this world is increasingly becoming digital. Our digital platform invites visitors to transfer the experience to the next level. In a simple and smart web application visitors expand their opportunities in the pavilion with one simple task: to know the way of thinking", - the media quote the Dutch representatives.

Let us remind that earlier it became known that a meeting of the Kazakhstan-Netherlands Business Council will take place within the framework of the international exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. The National Day of Holland will be held on June 22.

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