Visitors to the Israel Pavilion at the EXPO can become a part of an endless energy

22 June

Israel presented its innovative solutions in the field of alternative energy at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. They include ways of obtaining energy from sunlight, gusts of wind and biological debris, the channel "Kazakh TV" broadcasts.

The development of solar energy in Israel began in the 70's of the last century. Now about 12% of all electricity in the country is produced by renewable sources. In addition to innovative projects, visitors to the pavilion of Israel will be able to see the unique choreographic show as well as become part of the endless energy.

"We are always ready to share our achievements in the field of new technologies. Israel is not rich in natural resources but we have the most precious source of energy, first and foremost, the human resource in which our country invests heavily. Our achievements are possible thanks to the people of Israel, their creative skills", - said the commissioner of the Israeli section at EXPO 2017 Elazar Cohen.

Let us remind that Israel was represented by such companies as GreenQ, HomeBiogas, Unleash the light, Eco Wave Power, Tevatronic, Farm Dog and others.

June 29 will hold the National Day of Israel. The Israeli singer AvevA will take part in the bright concert program.

Earlier website talked about start-ups to be presented by Israel at the exhibition. These are developments that make it possible to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and water as well as to convert household waste.

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