Georgian traveler cycled 8,000 kilometres on a bicycle for EXPO

23 June

Georgian traveler Nodar Beridze cycled 8 thousand kilometres on a bicycle for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Having overcome the site of the transcontinental bike ride “The Path of the World", which started in Vladivostok, he arrived in the capital of Kazakhstan, the "Sputnik" agency reports.

“I am Georgian, on a bicycle from Vladivostok slowly, but still arrived before EXPO 2017 to Astana. The roads are a little complicated, but it does not count. What counts is how they receive me here,” Beridze said.

The traveler admitted that he only knew by hearsay about the scale of the exhibition, but the main goal was to see EXPO firsthand. The tourist noted that what he saw in Astana coincided fully with his expectations.

"This is a good example of: where should the money go, where should the budget go. This is the highest indicator for the whole world, I would very much like to have such activities in Georgia," the cyclist said.

It should be noted that the tour of the Vladivostok-Astana site lasted 8 months, in total, Beridze plans to visit 30 countries.

Nodar Beridze is not the only traveler to participate in Astana EXPO 2017 bike ride. Another citizen of the post-Soviet state, the inventor from Kyrgyzstan, Muratbek Sultanbekov, overcame the Bishkek-Astana route on his eco-friendly bicycle, and the resident of the East Kazakhstan region, Galymzhan Toktarov, at all came on foot for the exhibition in the capital of Kazakhstan from Ust-Kamenogorsk. This took him a month and a half.

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