Foreign tourists chose the most impressive pavilion EXPO

5 July

Foreign guestsshared their impressions of the world specialized exhibition AstanaEXPO 2017. Visitors spoke about the most memorable pavilions, IIA "Kazinform" writes.

As the guest fromAustria named Manfred told, he was most impressed by the pavilion ofKazakhstan "Nur-Alem" at the exhibition in Astana. He wasimpressed by the engineering and technical solution in thearchitecture of the building.

"I came fromAustria, the city of Vienna, I really like your country - Kazakhstan,I'm a builder by profession, I work in Vienna, I came to Kazakhstanto work, I've built houses here. I spent a week in Astana,appreciated the futuristic architecture of the city and, of course, Iwanted to see the EXPO exhibition about which so much is said andwritten. I wanted to see it myself. I arrived today, of course, it'simpressive!" - said the Austrian guest.

EXPO 2017 wasvisited by the Gangopade family from Calcutta. The head of the familyShamil works in the oil fields of Atyrau.

"Oh,super-cool! I've been living in Kazakhstan for five years, and everyyear I see progress and this EXPO shows how much your country hasmade a hundred steps forward", - the guest from India shared hisimpressions.

20-year-old JapaneseYuki came to the EXPO 2017. He studies in Moscow at MGIMO and hasmastered the Russian language over the years of his studies.

"I live inAstana near the EXPO. It's very clean, very comfortable, there arekind people but it's too hot for you ... I lived in Moscow for oneyear before. I work as a volunteer at the exhibition and I like it.Interestingly, in Japan, the problem of lack of energy resources isold but our country successfully solves it. There are two ancientfundamental principles - the two Japanese words "Motaynai"and "Arigatai." The first means "not to get lost"and they say so because Japan is an island nation. We have never hada rich natural resource and this taught the Japanese to carefully andrationally treat everything, save everything. Especially now, withthe development of technology, you need to learn to save resources -food, water, heat, light. "Arigatai" describes the sense of"thank you for what have". We should be grateful to thenature for everything that it gives us, even in minimum quantities",- Yuki said.

It should be notedthat the pavilion of Kazakhstan "Nur-Alem" is also the most visited object of the exhibition.


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