Foreign journalists have named the best pavilions EXPO

20 June

The World Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2017 has become a platform for demonstrating advanced technologies from different countries. The American website about construction and exhibition activities wrote about the best pavilions of the exhibition and their concepts.


The Spanish Pavilion, consisting of three zones, tells visitors how to provide the whole world with clean energy. In the center of the exhibition area there is a tree that reminds guests of the need to balance nature and civilization.

United Kingdom

The project was created by the architect Asif Khan. The British pavilion impresses visitors with the possibilities of multimedia technologies and animation. The exposition acquaints visitors with the history of energy, transferring viewers to the past for billions years ago. It is interesting that the pavilion is executed in the form of the Kazakh yurt.


The Pavilion of Kazakhstan is located in the very center of the exhibition complex, it offers various expositions devoted to the cultural heritage and development of the "green" economy.


Visitors can contribute to the creation of clean energy and participate in an interactive show. The German pavilion reflects modern ideas about the world and the city of the future.


The pavilion was designed by the architect Paolo Desideri. The exposition area is divided into four zones, each of which tells about a certain period in the history of the development of energy in Italy.


Achievements and technological breakthroughs in Poland are the main theme of the exhibition pavilion of the country. Visitors can make a trip to the woodlands of Poland and explore the sources of renewable energy.


Singapore Pavilion emphasizes the image of the country as a green city, which makes efforts to preserve the environment. The exposition is presented in the form of a terrarium.


The exhibition surprises the guests with unusual solutions. The concept of the pavilion reflects the idea of preserving the environment and careful use of wood.


The main accent in the pavilion Russia is made at the presentation of the Arctic region, from which a fragment of the iceberg was brought to Astana specially for the international exhibition.

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