Italians told about their EXPO pavilion

8 June

15 Italian regions will present their achievements in various sectors at the worldwide specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Among the exhibits there will also be the works of art, information portal informs.

"Each region chooses something different. Something typical for the region. For instance, Veneto region will bring Murano glass. Region of Tuscany will present ceramics. Region Lazio and the City of Rome will show the model of the Roman ruins. There will be 15 art objects. This means that the visual content in our pavilion is not a classical video that begins and ends, but each visitor will be able to come in and go out when he or she wants. The longer a person stays in the pavilion, the more information can be obtained from this visual option", - Commissioner of pavilion Stefano Ravagnan said.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Italy allocated three million euros for the creation of the pavilion in Astana. Its walls will be interactive screens that will allow guests to obtain the necessary information.

"In this hall historical cities will talk with the help of the walls that will be able to 'talk' thanks to our visual content. The story will be told non-stop. Our whole route will take place on the areas that have witnessed our past and future energy. Past energy begins with the Renaissance. It shows how much we've grown, what discoveries we have made. Future energy - is a science that is moving forward, what is still to be open, new technologies. To summarize, this entire story will be told by our walls", - Chief Architect of the Italian pavilion Paolo Desideri told.

According to the organizers of the pavilion, the guests will not encounter a language barrier.

"In certain parts of the screen guests will be able to get information themselves. Languages will have a visual appearance that does not require translation. In those small parts where translation is needed, the guests will see the subtitles in Russian. In certain parts there will be speech in Italian with English and Russian subtitles. This is what we do for visitors to hear the music of our language. The catalogue with the information has almost been developed, it will be presented in three languages: Russian, Kazakh and English", - the designer said.

Let us remind, earlier at the presentation of the Italian EXPO pavilion, that was held in Rome, it became known that the exposition of Italy at the exhibition will take 900 square meters. The pavilion will be divided into 4 oval-shaped areas, each of which has the name of one of the Italian scientists who left their marks in the energy industry.

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