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Italians are offered to be braught to EXPO in Kazakhstan illegally due to visa problems

12 May

Despite numerous statements by Kazakh authorities on visa facilitation with other countries in the framework of the World Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 reports of problems with obtaining visas started to appear. One of such problems was reported by an Instagram user Dana Iskakova.

"One month before the EXPO, my Italian partners are confused. It is said at egov website that the Italian Republic has up to 90 days visa-free regime, however our Consulate, Embassy in Italy, the organizer of the exhibition and the DCS office claimed that it is only 1 month. The migration police also insists that the visa-free regim is one month. To make Italians a business visa I have to write an invitation-justification letter, fill in some forms, pay the visa support service, pass all notarized documents of my company to the DCS, then wait 5 days and afterwards post 3 invitation copies to Italy stamped by DIA. All procedures have been extremely facilitated by the exhibition indeed. @prodam1sapog offers to bring the Italians to the country illegally. # expo2017astana , - the author wrote.

Commentators reacted to the situation with humor.

"Funny though), - the user arystan_atabay_aooff wrote.

"We are looking  forward to tourists", - the Government of the RK", - maggimoldabaeva cited ironically.

In turn, the user under the name tourist2017 tried to clarify the situation.

"Everything is correct, 30 days is a sufficient period for tourists, investors. But if you come to earn extra money for the period of 90 days you will need to follow an established procedure", - he said.

However, Dana Iskakova immediately retorted.

"tourist2017 c'mon, according to the idea, the company should have made a visa support, however they hardly answer quiestions, as for the Italians – they are coming not not to earn money but to render commercial services and what is more, they pay to us", - the author of the post wrote.

Let us remind that earlier in Rome there was a presentation of the pavilion of Italy for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. It is expected that the Italian pavilion will be one of the most ambitious at the exhibition in Astana. Visitors will be offered a historical excursion to Italy in the 1940s, so that everyone can compare past technologies in the energy sector with the newest inventions.

It should be noted that this is not the first problem related to issues of document processing procedures faced by visitors and exhibitors. At the end of April it became known that the equipment for the French EXPO pavilion had been stuck at the customs of Kazakhstan for several weeks.

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