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“Baiterek" monument renovation and the light arch decoration on the embankment to be completed before EXPO in Astana

30 May

In Astana, the overhaul of the “Baiterek" monument, which is the main symbol of the capital of Kazakhstan, is being completed. At this stage, finishing works are underway, the builders plan to complete them on time - before the start of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017, informed in the press service of akim of Astana.

"This object is very interesting, everything is unusual and non-standard here. The designer did a very good job. We tried to implement all his ideas as much as possible. According to the design project in percentage terms we have already completed 95. The overhaul of “Baiterek" will be completed no later than June 10,” said the managing director of the contractor company Baurzhan Sagdiyev.

The renovation works began in early 2017. It was noted in the Akimat that in almost 20 years without serious repair, the monument has lost a bit of aesthetic appearance. However, in the press service shared, this year the guests of Astana will be able to take a fresh look at the city from a dome located at an altitude of 97 meters.

"Time makes itself felt: something broke, something lost its colour. We have restored and replaced everything: ventilation, air ducts, plumbing, air conditioning," the representative of the contractor company said.

As part of the overhaul, the monument was completely repainted. The colour scheme remained the same - white and gold. About 100 people are involved in the renovation works. According to the project, the cracked old double-glazed windows of the dome and the trunk of the monument were replaced with new ones. As the builders assured, the glass stained windows manufactured by Italian technology should last a long time and withstand the abnormal frosts and the squally metropolitan wind.

"A great, very difficult job was carried out," Sagdiyev said.

18 double-glazed units were replaced, a complex of works was performed to replace the double-glazed units of the trunk of the elevator shaft. A double-glazed window with energy saving is installed to reduce costs and heat losses. In addition, a special structural silicone sealant was used, which operates over a wide range of temperatures, so that the glass does not subsequently crack. A series of cleaning works has also been carried out.

In Akimat of Astana was reported that at the beginning of EXPO the works on another site of the city will also be completed - the decoration of the light arch on the embankment of the Yesil river is coming to an end.

“A similar construction already exists in Astana, the new light arch will be higher in size and the illumination of the structure will be changed. The length of the light illumination with dynamic lighting and sound in the central embankment area will exceed 100 meters. The arch will start from "Astana Nury” restaurant. According to the representative of the contractor company, the construction will not take the whole embankment. 95% of its area will remain open. During the winter season, the light arch will change the dynamics of the illumination. The new construction will be a nice gift for the residents and guests of the capital,” summed up in the Akimat.

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