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The next documents obliging teachers to buy tickets for EXPO got into the hands of the journalists

15 May

The journalists had new evidence confirming the facts of forced sale of tickets to the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. The information portal KAZDAY has published a list of orders that educational officials of the North Kazakhstan region sent to schools.

"At the disposal of KAZDAY editorial office was a list of the North-Kazakhstan region, which specifies in which school and how many tickets for EXPO the teachers are required to buy," the newspaper writes.

From the attached list it follows that the authorities of the region intend to send 790 teachers to the exhibition.

"Dear colleagues, KSI "Education department of “Magzhan Zhumabayev district” informs that today, on May 11 was signed an agreement with the travel company “Progress”, therefore it is not necessary to buy tickets for EXPO 2017 at the branch office of Kazpochta, you can bring money to the RPO (Regional Public Organization) to Ainur Meiramovna according to the order until May 17, 2017. School principals are appointed responsible! The principal himself should personally bring the money! Send a list with surnames of the teachers with the dates they schedule their trip according to the table,” is written in the document that the edition has published.

Commenting on the order, the teachers of the North-Kazakhstan region addressed their reproaches to Daulet Yerkinbayev, Director of the Commercialization Department of JSC “NC” “Astana EXPO 2017”.

"Despite the fact that Mr. Yerkinbayev assures that he did not hear about the cases of coercion to buy tickets for EXPO, this phenomenon is widespread everywhere. Though maybe he lives in another country and there is no such thing ... Such pressure is being put on the administration of the district schools, and they, respectively, put the pressure on the workers.  The plan for the purchase of 790 tickets was drawn up and brought to the schools of the district. This order may be accessed. And the checks, of course, won’t change anything, a word can not be used as evidence,” the teachers of the region complained.

Let us remind that the reports of forced sale of tickets for the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 periodically appear in the media. The teachers of rural schools in the East Kazakhstan region complained, one of them said  that he was directly told: “Whether you go or not, but you will buy a ticket.” In the Akimat of the East Kazakhstan region responded to the charges of compulsory sale of the tickets for the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. As noted in the state institution, the residents of the region buy tickets for the forthcoming event at their own will.

Commenting on this information in JSC "NC" “Astana EXPO-2017” stressed that the facts of forced sale of tickets for the exhibition are illegal and claimed that since the beginning of the year the organizers of EXPO 2017 have registered more than 20 such cases and said that all complaints about such violations can be forward to a single WhatsApp phone number  +7 702 332 65 21. However later it turned out that the indicated phone number doesn't work.

Later, the reports of forced sale of tickets for the exhibition came in from Karaganda region, where teachers of the mining town of Saran have addressed to mass media with complaints, as well as from rural teachers of Kostanay region, where akim of one of the districts was even pleased with persecution of such teachers.The complaints of coercion into buying tickets were also reported by doctors, but the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Elzhan Birtanov claims that there were no corresponding orders. In addition, it became known from the documents at the disposal of journalists about the plans of Akimat of the West Kazakhstan region to send more than 60 thousand people to EXPO - later these intentions were officially confirmed by the region authorities. It also became known that the authorities of the Mangistau region plan to send almost 900 people to the exhibition daily, and the akim of the region Eraly Tugzhanov stated that he does not accept excuses on this issue.

Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" “Astana Expo-2017” Akhmetzhan Yessimov, commenting on this information, stated that the forced sale of tickets for the exhibition is inadmissible. Complaints were also commented in the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption. Later, at the meeting with akims of the regions, the head of the exhibition organizer urged to use only propaganda in the promotion of EXPO. The Deputy Chairman of the agency Alik Shpekbayev stated that there is no obligation to purchase the tickets for this event and asked to report all violations to the same phone number as was indicated by the organizers of the exhibition.

The sale of the tickets even became a topic of a heated discussion in the social networks.

However, there are also people who, according to the media, are ready to provide EXPO tickets for those in need. For example, Rakhim Tanirbergenov, a deputy of Maslikhat of the South-Kazakhstan region, bought 500 tickets for a world specialized exhibition, spending a total of about 2 million tenge.

Astana EXPO 2017 ticket offices are open in all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as in seven largest cities of Russia. In addition, the organizers announced the release  of VIP tickets made from felt, and also talked about the plans for the introduction of season tickets. How to purchase a ticket to the exhibition you can find out by clicking on the link.

According to the latest information provided by the organizers of the exhibition, the number of complaints on forced ticket sales has reached 300.

The problem was also noticed in the Parliament of Kazakhstan, where the deputy of Mazhilis, Nurtai Sabillianov stated that the forcing to buy tickets for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 should be brought to justice, by punishing the guilty officials administratively.

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