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"How to cure asthma in the shortest possible time" - the organizers of EXPO were caught in the next plagiarism

19 May

世界专业展览组织者2017年的阿斯塔纳博览会陷入了下一次剽窃行列。这一次,组织者在准备展示受版权保护的其他想法的时候,组织者利用这个活动,哈萨克斯坦的博主Konstantin Nagaev在他的Facebook和Instagram账号上报道.

"How to make a background for the site of an international exhibition with the help of clumsy hands and millions of budget money? It's easy! On the right side you see a book cover "How to cure asthma instantly" while on the left side you can see a whitewashed cover of the same book with an absurdly glued Asian optimist. This is the background of the site of our favorite EXPO, burn it in hell with all its shit and wigs. Good night P.S. Thank you guys from Twitter for the find. P.P.S. I am absolutely crazy about our country. I'll just back off. SHARE IT!" - wrote Nagaev accompanying his message with an abundance of profanity.

Let us remind that in mid-April Kazakhstan video blogger Adil Zhumekenov found famous actors Orlando Bloom and Ben Affleck on the official advertising posters of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. The photos of the Hollywood stars were mounted in the images using a graphics editor.

In early April Kazakh journalist Ruslan Bakhtigarev suspected plagiarism of the creators of the infamous mascots of the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. According to Bakhtigarev, the mascots of Moldir and Saule are unsuccessful copies of Yeony and Suny, mascots of EXPO 2012 in South Korea.

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