What cars will China show at the EXPO in Astana?

19 May

Organizers of the Chinese exposition of the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 will be provided with TOANO, AUV, SAUVANA cars. They will become official vehicles of the pavilion of the People's Republic of China, "TASS" news agency reported.

The main sponsor of the Chinese pavilion was the company Foton Motor which will allocate the cars. These models have already been used repeatedly in various international conferences and events. The car SAUVANA successfully passed the whole route of the Paris-Dakar rally in 2016.

Last year TOANO model was chosen as the official transport for reception of the high-ranking visitors within Summit G20. FOTON AUV buses proved their workability during transportation of government officials, guests of the state and journalists. website has already mentioned five reasons why the forthcoming Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition is interesting to the Chinese. Among the main reasons is the upcoming concert of Dimash Kudaibergen whose participation in the "I'm a singer"contest made China plunge into a real "Dimashemania".

In addition, an exhibition of the legendary Terracotta Army will be held within the framework of Astana EXPO 2017.

Chinese pavilion itself will be fully completed by the end of May and will become one of the largest expositions of the exhibition. The main focus will be made on the achievements enabling to receive electricity and nuclear energy from water.

The delegation from China is expected to be the largest one at EXPO 2017. The Chinese exhibition pavilion will host the Xinjiang Week, "The Year of China's Tourism in Kazakhstan" and the National Day of China in Astana.

It is also known that the International Radio of China will provide information support to the EXPO.

It should be noted that earlier a Chinese citizen found himself at the center of a scandal in Kazakhstan when he was photographed climbing a monument to Kazakh biys (heroes). Social networks' users condemned the actions of the Chinese noting that a massive influx of tourists from China is expected during the world exhibition in Astana. Later it became known that the incident occurred on the territory of the People's Republic of China.

Another scandal is connected with the fact that according to the information of Kazakhstan's bloggers, millions of tenge are allocated from the budget of Kazakhstan to service Chinese citizens during the EXPO. Users note the fact that, while doing so, many Chinese people will visit the exhibition for free.

It became known in early May that China will receive two pavilions at the EXPO exhibition.

The guests of honor will include Chairman of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping who personally confirmed to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev his intention to visit the exhibition.

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