What startups will be presented by France at the EXPO

10 May

At the end of the last century, France took the path of active development of nuclear energy which became the reason for its world leadership in this industry. The country has 19 stations with 58 reactors. Intensive use of renewable energy sources will help France move away from nuclear energy. Part of the French nuclear power plants will be closed while wind power plants, solar panels and biogas complexes will replace them. Some of the latest developments will be presented at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

In Sun We Trust –A company that helps homeowners and business enterprises to install solar panels efficiently and quickly from the beginning of the project to its full implementation.

NEO-ROBOTIX - Intelligent device equipped with stereo sensors. The device allows drones to fly close to the city's infrastructure and use them as a means of inspection.

Eco-Adapt - A system that determines the set values for temperature and humidity. This algorithm takes into account many different factors: external temperature, external weather forecast, thermal response of the building and so on.

Smart green batteries - Mobile installations that allow you to charge EVs anywhere at any capacity of local renewable energy sources.

Aqylon - A start-up for the production of clean energy.

SmartGreenCharge™ - Hybrid mini-grid which allows to provide electric cars with electric power on land, sea and in the air.

Safelight - Devices warning drivers that a pedestrian is approaching the pedestrian crossing.

Rooster - The company has developed its own technology to produce low-cost solar heat integrated into the existing industrial heating network from 100°C to 300°C.

Projects of French companies have passed a special selection and entered the top 100 startups of the EXPO 2017.

Earlier website talked about the 10 best startup projects in the field of solar energy to be presented at the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 as well as on start-upsto be shown by Kazakhstan including the 5 best projects in the field of ecology and five water-related projects. In addition, readers have the opportunity to review the projects that will be presented at the exhibition by startupers from the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom.

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