What startups will be presented by Spain at EXPO

31 May

For many decades, coal has been the base of Spain's energy industry, but due to the low productivity of the mines, its share in the sector has gradually declined. The country began to switch to nuclear energy and renewable energy sources. Spain has great potential in the use of solar radiation, so new stations are actively built on its territory. For instance, the Gemasolar Power Plant operates near Sevilla, which represents more than 2600 mirrors installed on an area of 185 hectares.

Spain also focuses on the use of wind energy, which is the third source of electricity in the country after gas and nuclear energy. On the development of wind power, Spain occupies one of the leading places in the world, along with states such as the United States, Germany and China. Prospective startup projects in the field of “green” economy will be presented at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

Huvr Trek Group - the company creates an inexpensive mini-aerogel, isolated by a rigid thermal airship. The technology operates on ramjet air-jet engines. Dry ice or liquid nitrogen is used as a fuel.

EzzingSolar is a system that increases the efficiency of sales and implementation of a PV roof installation through a technology platform.

APSU - the enterprise builds a microwave reactor that evaporates residual water.

Clean tech Dologroup is a system designed to take advantage of excess energy from the movement of traffic. Low-and high-speed versions are being studied. Despite the fact that the system is in the project, it has already received its recognition in 2012 in Horsens (Denmark).

The listed Spanish projects entered the top 100 best EXPO 2017 startup projects.

It should be reminded, earlier website told about the top 10 startup projects in the field of solar energy, which will be presented at the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, as well as about startups that Kazakhstan will show to the world, about the top 5 projects in the field of ecology and the five best water-related projects. In addition, readers are invited to have a look at the projects, which will be presented at the exhibition by the startupers from the United States, as well as Israel, Britain, France, India and Australia.

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