What startups will Australia present at EXPO 2017

24 May

Australia can become one of the first countries whose economies will be fully supported by renewable energy sources (RES). The experience of this country shows that RES have a huge potential and can eventually turn the energy sector upside down. Now in the country, wind energy is cheaper than coal and gas. Therefore, despite the fact that Australia has huge reserves of fossil fuels, the construction of new coal-fired power plants in Australia is unlikely. Taxes on carbon emissions increase expenses in gas and coal-fired power plants, significantly increasing the cost of electricity.

In addition to wind other types of alternative energy are also actively developing in the country. A widely-known the solar-powered Kuripla bridge in Brisbane. The lighting system is powered by 84 solar panels, which generate about 100 kilowatt hours of electricity daily and have an average annual output of 38 megawatt hours. For more than ten years, the ocean power station Oceanlinx has been operating in the water area of Port Kembla, which supplies 450 kilowatts of electricity to the city's electricity grid. Experts believe that by 2020 electricity coming from large solar power plants will be cheaper than from coal-fired or gas-fired power units.

According to researchers from the Melbourne Institute, Australia in ten years will be able to completely abandon the traditional sources of energy and fully switch to renewable. Such a rapid transition is possible due to the location and landscape of the continent, which has a unique potential for the extraction of solar and wind energy. The most interesting projects in the field of "green" economy will be presented for the first time at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

Lightwork - Lightwork is an Android application that simplifies the purchase, delivery, financing and aspects of compliance with commercial LED lighting updates.

BLKTATU - is a drone delivery system that allows the delivery of a drone to a high-rise building and residential buildings.

Bohr Industries Pty Ltd - the company designs and develops a small-scale wind turbine engine and is ready to share its experience at the international exhibition in Astana.

These three projects of Australian developers were included in the top 100 best startups of EXPO 2017.

It should be reminded, earlier website told about the top 10 startup projects in the field of solar energy, which will be presented at the international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017, as well as about startups that Kazakhstan will show to the world, about the top 5 projects in the field of ecology and the five best water-related projects. In addition, readers are invited to have a look at the projects, which will be presented at the exhibition by the startupers from the United States, as well as Israel, Britain, France and India.

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