What is EXPO in Astana for a BBC journalist

30 June

The best achievements in the field of energy were presented by the countries at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. Abdujalil Abudarasilov BBC channel reported touched upon the most interesting exhibits.

Exposition of the United States, according to Abdurasilov, does not affect the issue of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. This document aims to reduce harmful emissions.

Dependence on traditional energy sources, in particular coal, has led to great environmental problems in various parts of China. The nuclear fusion facility, presented in the Chinese pavilion, will allow the generation of energy without radioactive waste.

Austria calls on visitors to think about what efforts should be made by mankind to generate energy. The transformation of mechanical energy into electrical is represented by bicycles.

Russia devoted its exposition to the Arctic region which is known for its immense resources. According to Anton Atrashkin, director of Russia's business program for EXPO 2017, the BBC correspondent reports, the presentation is designed to position the country not only as an energy superpower but also as a state that develops the renewable energy sector.

It should be noted that the BBC is not the only British media that covers the exhibition. Earlier, Astana EXPO 2017 published articles from The Telegraph and The Independent.

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