Kazakhstan to show aquaculture unit for production of black caviar at the EXPO

28 April

16 projects at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 will be presented by the West Kazakhstan region. They include an aquaculture complex for the production of black caviar and commercial sturgeon, technology for the production of sulfur concrete and asphalt concrete and other developments, the "Atameken business chanell" reports.

The head of the department of tourism and external relations of the West Kazakhstan region Anvar Niyetkaliev told about interesting projects and invited all residents of Uralsk to take advantage of the unique opportunity to personally visit the international exhibition in Astana.

"There are a lot of amazing things to see at the exhibition, for example, doors that will generate energy when opening and closing or floor tiles that can be installed at home in the corridor. Pressing the tile generates energy and accumulates in batteries for future use. It is convenient to use it at home when children run on the tile as well as in the offices where hundreds of people walk along the corridor daily, "Anvar Nietkatliev said.

Additional trains will run during the EXPO 2017 between Uralsk and Astana.

"Astana is ready to receive 50 to 75 thousand guests from our region for the whole period. 50 volunteers were selected who received special training and certificates. EXPO working group selected 16 innovative projects. Each project has videos in three languages in Full HD format", - Niyetkatliev added.

It is known that the rotor of the wind turbine, the technology of processing siliceous rock, a unit allowing the use of mineral material in the construction of roads, the solid waste management system and a number of other projects will be presented at the EXPO from the WKR.

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