Kazakhstan presented its energy strategy at the EXPO

22 June

Participants of the World Congress of Engineers and Scientists WSEC-2017 which was held within the framework of the business program Astana EXPO 2017 talked about the strategy of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the document, the growth of alternative sources in the future should outstrip the growth of traditional energy, reported.

The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan conducted a study with the participation of leading experts. It should be noted that more than 1000 delegates from 50 countries attended the congress including Nobel laureates, leading scientists and engineers, profile ministers.

"Despite the assumption that Kazakhstan follows the global trends in the transition to electric vehicles, it is expected that Kazakhstan's auto fleet will be replenished by 30% with new electric vehicles by 2050. Domestic demand for basic types of oil products will increase by about half to 18 million tons by 2050. The demand for gas in the domestic market will increase from 12.3 billion cubic meters in 2015 to 20 billion cubic meters by 2050. The main consumer of coal in Kazakhstan is the power generation sector. This is the main factor affecting the volumes of domestic demand for coal", - said Kazakhstan's energy minister Kanat Bozumbaev.

In addition, the minister said, in the near future Kazakhstan needs to increase the volume of production and export of crude oil. It is expected that the demand for oil will be stable for a long time reaching its peak in 2029. This is due to a more rapid spread of electric transport after 2030 and a decrease in the share of cars with an internal combustion engine.

Let us remind that WSEC-2017 was devoted to the theme "Future Energy: innovative scenarios and methods for their implementation".

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