Kazakhstan to present several options of Bolotov wind turbine at the EXPO

30 May

Four variants of using Bolotov windrotor will be demonstrated at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 in the national pavilion "Nur Alem". This was stated by the creator of the installation, academician of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Albert Bolotov, IIA reports.

The guests of the international exhibition will be told about the use of a wind turbine for various purposes: for industrial power generation in a centralized system, for feeding urban buildings, for supplying power to separate autonomous settlements and for feeding nomadic objects in the steppe.

"Windrotor in its work principle fully corresponds to the direction of the exhibition "Future Energy". In combination with solar converters it forms a complex energy system "Energy of the Great Steppe "KazZhelKuat -WRTB" wind and sun - energy for all. This domestic development causes a large Interest in many countries of the world and will be presented to the engineering community at the first World Congress of Engineers and Scientists WSEC-2017 held within the framework of EXPO 2017. This is a unique event where thoughts and ideas of minds will be demonstrated accompanied by practical developments of engineers", - said Albert Bolotov.

It should be noted that more than 50 of these facilities are already operating in Kazakhstan. WTRB serve at the station Zhalanashkol in the neck of the Dzungar gate and so on. On the eve of the world exhibition EXPO 2017, a sample of scientific engineering of Kazakhstani scientists was installed near the highway leading to Astana from the capital airport. In this case, the installation is not decorative, it is really used in practice: the turbine supplies energy to a number of objects of the exhibition and the city.

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