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A Kazakhstani has overheard the conversation of the British disgruntled by Astana on the threshold of EXPO

8 June

The British, who visited the capital of Kazakhstan on the threshold of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 remained disgruntled by Astana. This was reported by the administrators of the Kazakh public "Discovering the World" in the social network "VK".

"Astana has left a discouraging impression. It seems that everything should be better to the EXPO, but so far it's vice versa. The new train station is still unfinished, we almost fell on the floor, the transport does not properly go, it took us a very long time to get to the airport. The train station is certainly beautiful, but again, poorly planned in terms of adjusting the flow of people. Many narrow and pre-problematic places. If one train arrives and a stampede is created, what happens if there are several trains at once?!!! The airport itself is overloaded, crowds of people, there are no pointers, information indicated on the scoreboard is completely different with the actual registration and gates ... Chaos and horror. There were British people standing next to us, who were going to fly home and I overheard their conversation, they said that they would never come to Kazakhstan again. This is how Astana prepared for EXPO 2017," report says.

Let us note that as a home page of the "Discovering the World" community is indicated the website of the "Top Travel" tour company. The company is located in Karaganda.

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