A Kazakhstani in the US promotes EXPO 2017 to foreigners for free

24 April

A native of Kazakhstan Arman Belassar for free advertises the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 to foreigners. The young man has been living and working in New York for several years, portal reports.

According to Arman, foreigners know about Kazakhstan, mainly on the scandalous movie "Borat", so he wanted to tell Americans about the achievements of his native country.

“When hearing about Kazakhstan, foreigners immediately imagine “Borat” movie. I, in turn, explain that everything that was shot in this movie is not true. In order to tell more about our country, I decided to paste on the cars of my company, which provides transfer services, stickers with the EXPO 2017 name. About 200 cars in New York City are wheeling around the American city, where it says: "Welcome to Kazakhstan,” Arman Belassar said.

Thanks to the efforts of Arman, some foreigners showed interest in the exhibition. There are wealthy people among his clients, who can come to Kazakhstan for EXPO.

"Nobody pays me to promote, I, as a patriot of my country, want to take advantage of the opportunity to bring as many people as possible to the exhibition," says Arman.

In America, Arman Belassar arrived in 2010 and decided to stay to gain experience and knowledge. Now the young man continues his studies to return home as an accomplished specialist.

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