Kazakh edition busted 7 myths about EXPO

19 June

The "" news agency wrote about the myths that appeared before and after the start of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The agency decided to check the details discussed by the people of Kazakhstan.

"Everything is fabulously expensive at EXPO 2017"

However, except for the ticket, on a normal day you do not need to pay for anything. Extra tickets are required only for concert events. Near the pavilions there are benches with fast food where prices are similar to the average Astana coffee house. In addition, visitors are allowed to bring food and drinks with them.

"Construction work is still in progress everywhere"

At the same time neither building materials, nor the workers themselves can be met at the exhibition. In general, everything around looks more than complete.

"EXPO 2017 is an exhibition for international guests"

In fact, the share of foreign guests is only 10-15%. The majority of visitors are Kazakhs. On a weekday, the exhibition is mainly attended by grandfathers and grandmothers with grandchildren and moms with baby strollers surrounded by numerous children.

"Nobody will come to the EXPO"

The exhibition area is not empty even on a weekday. Long lines can be found at the most interesting pavilions including the Kazakh "Nur Alem" pavilion.

"There is nothing to watch at the EXPO"

Many visitors will be surprised by the transparent bridge at an altitude of 80 meters, 3D technology, a planetarium, sound effects and performances of more than 100 countries. Each pavilion presents the best technologies including advanced types of transport, power plants and much more.

"EXPO has dirty toilets"

Quite decent toilets are installed at the exhibition every 3-4 pavilions. 5 of 5 bathrooms, the newspaper writes, are always cleaned.

"There will be no life after the EXPO"

As Nursultan Nazarbayev stated earlier, the International Financial Center Astana will start working after EXPO at the exhibition site. In addition, the International Center for the Development of Green Technologies and Investments will be established. Its goal will be to promote global sustainable development through support for the promotion of green technologies

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