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In Kazakhstan, the EXPO2017.com news website has been blocked, but the resource continues to work

5 May

In Kazakhstan, the EXPO2017.com news website has been blocked, but the resource continues to work.

The reasons for the blocking have not been named, but in the EXPO2017.com edition are sure that this is due to regular publications about scandals accompanying the exhibition. This also includes the information about withholding the funds from salaries of Kazakhstanis for EXPO needs, and hundreds of reports on forced ticket sales, as well as information about money allocation from the state budget for servicing a large tourist delegation from China in Astana, many of whose members will visit the exhibition for free, and much more, that the organizers of the exhibition and officials do not usually comment on to the journalists in Kazakhstan, and what official media does not cover.

We especially note that such unpleasant for the organizers of the exhibition and officials in Kazakhstan articles do not constitute even a tenth of the overall content of the site, whose main task is to tell the world about everything that is related with the forthcoming exhibition in Astana.

The site has all the latest information about the exhibition, technology reviews, which will be shown at EXPO, many useful tips and other helpful information. However, those behind the blocking of EXPO2017.com on the territory of Kazakhstan are scared of something else, and it is obvious that they are frightened by the information that Kazakhstanis are not supposed to know about, but the initiators did not take into account the accessibility of tools for bypassing the blocking.

All news about EXPO 2017, including those which the official mass media will not tell, available anywhere in the world outside the host country of the exhibition. The website is accessible to Kazakhstanis through any anonymizer, and now the texts of articles will be fully published on the Facebook page as well.

Stay tuned and keep up with all events related to Astana EXPO 2017, as well as share this post on your pages and in various groups, and make the exhibition more transparent and civilized! This will benefit everyone, and Kazakhstanis in the first place!

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