A kyrgyz inventor is coming to EXPO by his eco-bike

2 June

An inventor from Bishkek Muratbek Sultanbekov created a Cconvenient eco-friendly transport. The innovator intends to get to the capital of Kazakhstan by his eco-bike, the "Khabar 24" TV channel reports.

The scientist from Kyrgyzstan created an electric bicycle built on a three-wheeled scheme almost from scratch. The main driving force is an electric motor installed in the front wheel. The battery of the bicycle is optimized for 120 kilometers. The original mode of transport is able to develop a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

On the way to Astana, the inventor will be accompanied by a car with a trailer with a wind generator installed. It will generate power to charge the electric bike battery. The unit has the ability to store energy even at low wind speeds.

"I use the current by applying it to an electric bicycle, it can be used in different industries. It is a very convenient and environmentally friendly transport. Therefore, I want to inform everyone at EXPO that this energy is in demand. I'm one of those who has been able to cover 1500 kilometers using this energy", - Sultanbekov said.

The route will run through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and Russia. According to the scientist, the bike ride is organized in support of the world specialized exhibition EXPO 2017. The idea of the event was supported by local authorities.

"We are very happy that our citizen invented such an eco-bike, an electric bicycle, it's very pleasant that he will participate in the EXPO 2017, which will be held in the city of Astana. I would also like to note that the start of the eco-race is given in Kyrgyzstan, and this is very joyful", - Almaz Kenenbayev, the leader of the parliamentary coalition of the majority of the Bishkek city council, said.

Let us note that another Kyrgyz inventor - Emil Tursunov wants to bring a unique sun-wind generator to EXPO 2017. The device operates on the principle of sail. The rotor of Savonius is taken as a basis. The blades are in the form of half-cylinders. Tursunov modified the installation, leaving only a part of the sail. When one blade falls to the wind the magnet comes to the other and repels, only the bearing part works.

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