Events in honor of EXPO were held at the headquarters of the World Bank in the United States

28 June

A series of events dedicated to the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 was organized by Gulnara Febres, a World Bank employee. A native of Kazakhstan has been working in the world financial center for 22 years, the "Khabar 24" TV channel reports.

Preparation for a large-scale presentation of Kazakhstan took several months. Gulnara Febres gathered a team of fellow enthusiasts and Kazakhstani students. The events were organized at the headquarters of the World Bank. For many thousands of employees of the world financial center were shown various concerts, economic seminars, a presentation of Astana and EXPO 2017, a Eurasian festival and a national cuisine. The audience especially remembered the performances of girls-dancers in national costumes and young performer Diaz Musalimov from Semipalatinsk.

"Both the culture and the cuisine of Kazakhstan were represented in a grand scale. The World Bank employs representatives of 189 nationalities. I have been working in the bank for 22 years but I have never seen such amazement with our national cuisine. People tried beshparmak, baursaks, samsa, plov, kuyrdak and I am very proud to have presented our culture in the best possible light and we succeeded in that. We showed a documentary about the Aral Sea as well as projects that were implemented in Kazakhstan and thanks to which the Aral Sea is being revived. The World Bank employs about 10,000 people and people admire what we have shown", - said Gulnara Febres, senior specialist with the World Bank's Assets and Investments Department.

It should be noted that this is not the first event dedicated to Astana Expo 2017 that is held in the USA. An open day was held at the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington dedicated to the exhibition.

In addition to Kazakh diplomats, the Astana EXPO 2017 exhibition in the US is also advertised by Arman Belasar, a native of Kazakhstan who lives in New York. The businessman owns a park of 200 cars with "Welcome to Kazakhstan" signs written on the cars. The entrepreneur posted an absolutely free advertisement of the exhibition with an invitation to visit his native country.

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