The world of new technologies - why Japan is among the leaders in the field of alternative energy

30 June

Visitors to the pavilion of Japan at the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 can find out why the country takes one of the leading places in the use of alternative energy. The exposition opens a world of advanced technologies to its guests, the "Kazakh TV" channel broadcasts.

Guests of the Japanese pavilion are introduced to the history of alternative energy. The development of renewable energy sources is an elementary necessity for Japan since there are practically no minerals on the territory of the state.

"The oil crisis in 1973 prompted the introduction of a new strategy for the transition from "energy-intensive" to "high-tech" industry in Japan. We decided to replace the resources of the Earth with intellectual resources, first of all, the transfer of electricity and industrial production from liquid fuel to other vehicles. Accelerating the development of nuclear power, increasing imports of coal and liquefied natural gas", - said the director of the national pavilion of Japan Hidekazu Shibamoto.

By 2020 Japan plans to launch airplanes on biofuel. Scientists invented fuel from the powder of dried seaweed. According to its chemical properties, it is similar to kerosene.

"Firstly, all our developments are aimed to minimize the consequences of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. We want to launch aircrafts on biofuel not because of financial considerations but because we are worried about the future of our planet. We think that all countries should follow such an example, and today it is already necessary to start reducing carbon dioxide emissions", - said Shibamoto.

Toshiba company also presented its innovative development at the exhibition in Astana. This is a special container where you can store clean energy. After all, as experts say, getting it from alternative sources is only half the matter. The most difficult part in this process is to save it.

"This is a generator of solar energy which means that it has solar panels. There are also battery panels which means the energy received from solar panels, it is accumulated there and there is also a system for electrolysis", - said the manager of the Toshiba stand Zhanar Nurtoleu.

In addition, the Japanese pavilion exhibited and energy-saving Led-lamps. The blue LED bulbs were invented by Japanese scientists in the 90s of the XX century. The developers received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their invention.

It should be noted that the Japanese pavilion at EXPO conceptually demonstrates the synthesis of all types of renewable energy.

Japan was one of the first countries to confirm its participation in EXPO 2017. The Japanese are waiting for support from Kazakhstan when nominating Osaka for the international exhibition EXPO 2025. Japan is interested in Kazakhstan's experience in mobilizing international support for the world specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

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