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"We have been waiting for this meeting for so long" - the Kazakhstanis send each other an inspiring video about EXPO

7 June

The image video "Waiting for EXPO 2017", dedicated to the world specialized exhibition in Astana, is gaining popularity on the Network. The Kazakhstanis post the video on their pages on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, and also send each other via mobile services WhatsApp and Telegram. The video behind the scenes is accompanied by a motivating verse:

We have been waiting for this meeting for so long,

For years we believed and walked,

Extraordinary shows and

Big premieres from all over the world.

Science, technologies and culture

Are going to unite this time,

And conquering new heights,

Whole world will see and recognise us.

And hundreds of new developments,

Discoveries and colourful premieres

In unbelievable pavilions,

Where door for everyone is open.

And even if it does not last so long,

Just like a flash, a bright light in the night,

I will remember this meeting,

And you as well don’t miss it.

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BIE officials, EXPO 2017 organisers and commissioners meet in Astana
Tourist information booths to operate during EXPO in Astana

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